JRS Coin Counting

An exciting new version of JRS Coin Counting is now available!

With colourful sea-themed graphics and animation, the new v2.0 aims to interest your child than ever before.
Available now for Android and Kindle.Buy for Android!From Google Play            
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Designed for learning and fun.

  • Simple easy to use tap interface. Answers are now multiple choice (no input of numbers is required).

  • Coins from multiple countries.

  • Based on actual school work that kids do in class and as homework.

  • 4 different kinds of games - count coins, find the right coins, compare coins and coin counting word problems.

  • Use JRS Coin Counting to get PDF worksheets delivered to your e-mail (3 worksheets everyday)!

  • Multiple levels for both beginner and advanced coin counters. Randomly generated set of unlimited problems.